Pregnancey - A state of Joy

gravid dame


Hi, my name is Mararia Lebrun, I am coming from Gran Canaria-Spain. Recently we have started and new pregnancy course in Grimstad Yoga. My background as a teacher is coming from Hatha and Kundalini Yoga Knowledge, but at the same time I have been interested in conscious maternity for long time. So I decided some year ago to be more in touch midwives and doulas in my country. Mother of a daughter and a son when I was very young made me live my experience like a mother in a very intuitive ways, almost raising my children at the same time I was raising myself. But on the other hand I felt that now in my 44 years old I have another perspective about what is to be a mother. And is what I am sharing in this new course.

Now I feel an enormous satisfaction sharing my experience in life with the support of the Yoga perspective of Pregnancy a state.

Last Tuesday we gave birth in our course like mother and we shall continue next week with the second lesson calls Pregnancy a State of Joy. The conception of this course is to have a whole perspective about what is to be a mother, birthing like a mother firstly and during pregnancy process with all the emotional, physics, mental and spiritual changes. The perspective of this society is more medical, with a lot of test, control and sometime too much fear about everything, living our maternity almost like a sickness being a miracle in the reality.

Birthing like a mother is about understanding through observation of the entire process that’s means. Many times, especially if is our first pregnancy, we can feel totally lost, without, what we think we need, knowledge, what to do, what to feel, what to… Nobody tell us about how powerful is our intuition and how we know already about how to be a mother, the instint is recorded in our gens and is there where the real experience is coming.


This course of Conscious Maternity is empowering you precisely with that connection to your inner self. Through practise of breathing during pregnancy you can be more relax and comfortable with all the changes, more focus in your inner experience and more in the acceptation and enjoying the process. Asanas (poses) give you sensations of flow, flexibility, strength and balance in your life, keeping healthy and strong our body during pregnancy and after labour. Boosting our immune system and keeping in perfect state our pelvic floor. Meditation helps us to be in a quiet state of mind and more joyful perspective of all the process of pregnancy and changes in life.

This course prepares you to learn different technics during pregnancy but also during labour and after that. How to prepare us like a family, including the father in the course in the last class, and how to involve the father in the experience of pregnancy.

The whole pregnancy perspective starts in the moment we decide the conception and never finish for the rest of our life. Having a holistic perspective of this experience we can achieve a lot of joy and trust in our intuition as mothers having information, what is good dude less but at the same time don’t being afraid about what we feel is right.

Here you have the whole program of the course:  
1. Birthing like a mother. A transformation process. Connecting to your new state.
2. Pregnancy state of joy. Live your life easy, breathing, eating, drinking, walking, easy yoga set for daily practise home (include meditation to connect to your baby).
3. Changes through experience of pregnancy. Pelvic floor. How to preserve it and work with it after labor.
4. Emotional changes during pregnancy and after labor. Special breathing and meditation for emotional balance.
5. Preparing the labor, special breathing support and meditation state. Preparing a comfortable place for the labor.
6. Living previously labor moment. Yoga class with the partner. Comunication with your partner during and after pregnancy. The role of the father during pregnancy and labor and birthing. Becoming a new family (2 hours long class). Things to take care after birthing at home. Breastfeeding. Baby and mother massage.

Thank you mother for an artwork making miracles with life!