Notatene mine fra Pauls foredrag torsdag 23. juli 2015

Fant notatene mine fra Pauls gratis foredrag som vi hadde for et par uker siden om du skulle være interessert. Thanks so much Paul!


Resistance to particular feelings are what creates tention in the body. When practicing we come up to these tentions/bounderies.

Yoga is an intimate process of discovering ourselves. Yoga is about being curious about what is going on (sensations in body and mind), and to be without judgement (observing without any attached preconcieved ideas, thoughts or feelings).

All bounderies are build on judgement!

Self- kindness will undo these issues.

In Yoga we are learning to be there as it happens. Curiosity – staying with your own experience. Dicipline is self respect.

It is needed to discriminate and to let go!

Stabilise your tention so you can put your mind on an object, stay somewhere. Train stabilisation – focus on your breath.

Be available to participate on whats happening, no matter what. Practice is essential, get intimate/fluid with it.

We are scared casue we are not sure what will happen. Habits dull our capacities for feelings.

Through yoga we bring more space and more fluidity so that we are less likely to react, but can instead relax into it. Be here completely! By bringing presence (space) into the body we can open.

We are always beginners – if we meet life afresh. The peaceful quality that are gained in meditation one can use when mind/heart stuff comes up in our life.


  1. stabilisation
  2. Gain deeper insights