Davina holds an externally accredited ´Level 3 Certificate in Meditation Teaching´ from the British School of Meditation. She is the school counselor at Arendal International School and lives in Grimstad with her husband and two young sons.

LÆRER: Davina

Our mindfulness meditation workshops will provide you with a strong foundation for beginning your own daily meditation practice. During our workshops, you will experience a number of meditation types and techniques so that you can begin to decide which types of meditation work best for you. Through simple, straight-forward teaching, group discussion, experiential exercises, sharing of scientific research and home learning tasks, you will come to understand how mindfulness meditation can enhance your life by providing you with a sense of calm, resilience and clarity of mind as well as a greater ability to focus on the present moment and manage your emotions more skillfully. In short, meditation can help you to live a calmer, happier and more present life, something that we all aspire to!