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Trancendance - Connecting to Mother Earth through Yoga, Sound and Dance

  • Grimstad Yoga 31 Storgaten Grimstad, Aust-Agder, 4876 Norway (map)

Wise people say: `Do something you enjoy as often as you can, at least every day`. Dancing is fun. It is beautiful to let go of our inhibitions and feel free to move to music. It is liberating and expansive to the subtle energetic systems in the body, and brings enjoyment and health to the physical Body, Mind and Spirit.

When we listen to music it takes us on a journey. Our minds can cease the chatter and drift away. This is a form of trance that has been used in this way for thousands of years, around the world, in Ancient Cultures. Dancing is an active form of meditation, the repetitive movements are hypnotic to the body and mind, and transports us to a deeper place.

This day we will use Yoga, Music and Dance with the intention of meeting together in a place where we are One with ourselves, One with each other and have the potential to feel the power of this ancient sacred practice.

In the vast open embrace of Mother earth, its here we feel Oneness, with the deepest respect and gratitude for all the support, nurturing and abundance she so unconditionally provides, for every living being on the planet.

This day we set the intention to acheive a greater connection to the planet, as this is vital to the wellbeing of our selves and our natural surroundings.

During this 4 hour event we will experience soundbaths from instruments like didgeridoo, medicine drum, hung drum and singing bowls. There will also be a space of about 2 hours with a playlist where you are free to let your body move as it wants. We will gently guide you into this space by doing movements together and also connecting you to the other participants, before you go off into your own free dance.

You do not have to be an experienced dancer to attend this event. Actually, we are all `creative rythmic dancing beings`(Shiva Rea). As children we danced without inhibitions, you have it IN you. Just let the music move you, and feel the benefits of this after. This is a safe space for you to be free.

During the practice we will share some light refreshments.

This is a comfortable clothes, free flowing, ego free event, where you are welcome and encouraged to enjoy the freedom of expression in movement.

Place: Grimstad Yoga

Time: Saturday 6th April, 1pm to 5pm

Price: 350 kroner (tea and fruits inclusive) if pay before 27. March. 400 kroner if pay after that.

Please register for the event in the form below, so that we have your contact details. Email Hedda on or call her on 4621 9714 with any questions.

Payment can be made to Grimstad Yoga either by transferring to 1503 40 98279, or by paying to Vipps (kjøp og betal) #124962. Thanks!

Come as you are.