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Ashtanga Yoga med Sam - Journey inside


Denne lørdagen vil Sam først lede oss gjennom deler av Ashtanga serien. Etter en lett lunsj vil vi praktisere pranayama (pusteøvelser) og meditasjon og avspenning. Workshopen er for absolutt alle, ettersom du tar det etter hva du klarer, ønsker og føler for på dagen. 

This workshop will give you a taste for Ashtanga Yoga, and will focus on techniques and methods according to ancient way of learning yoga, as it is done in India and been practiced there.

I follow exactly what teachers taught me, and their teachers taught them. Yoga cannot be changed, because it is science and already precisely balanced to achieve its goals.
— Sam


Ashtanga yoga er en retning innen yoga utviklet av Sri K. Pattabhi Jois. Asana praksisen foregår ved at man synkroniserer pusten med bevegelsene og stillingene. Dette gjør at man produserer en intern varme slik at man detoksifiserer muskler og organer. Etter praksis føler man seg lett og sterk i kroppen og rolig i sinnet. 




Han har bodd flere år på Island med familien sin, men har nå flyttet til Arendal. Han holder workshops i Norge, men også rundt forbi i verden. 

Vi anbefaler at du ikke spiser for mye til frokost, kanskje bare en smoothie, bare så du ikke har for mye i magen. 

Program for dagen: 

9.30-12.00: Fysisk Ashtanga Praksis

12.00-13.00: Lett lunsj

13.00-14.30: Pranayama og meditasjon

Pris for dagen 590 kroner. 

Meld deg på i skjemaet under. 

Velkommen skal du være! 

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Uteyoga starter opp igjen 26. juni  på Moysand familiecamping kl 09.00.


Moysand familiecamping

Mandag 26. og fredag 30. kl 09.00   Gratis 


Mandag, onsdag og fredag :

Moysand familiecampingkl 09.00  Gratis

Tirsdag :

Lille Groos              kl09.00       100 kr

Torsdag :

Hesnesgartneri     kl 09.00      100 kr


Moysand familiecamping

Fredag 4. august     kl 09.00   Gratis 


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Greg Walsh Iyengar Yoga Workshop

Greg Walsh is Certified Iyengar Junior Intermediate Level 3 teacher and director of Samadhi Studio in Dublin, Ireland. Greg regularly teaches in the USA (Philadelphia & Manhattan) and Switzerland and has previously led retreats and workshops in Croatia, Greece, Hungary & Italy. He is  excited to add Norway to that list ! He brings with him 17 years of teaching experience and you can read more about him here . 

Greg is an excellent teacher and makes his lively classes accessible to all, no matter the level of ability, and always ensures that everybody receives personal attention. His knowledge is extensive, his teaching style light and humorous and the atmosphere in his classes is always relaxed no matter how hard you are working. We are very fortunate that he is visiting our part of the world. 

Programme outline( more detail on what to expect in each class can be found towards the end):

Friday 2 June: 18.00 – 20.00
Saturday 3 June: 9.30 -12.00 and 14.00 – 16.30
Sunday 4 June : 8.30 -10.30 and 11.30 – 13.00

Friday 2nd June : 14.30 -17.00. 
Special class for teachers only
Price : kr450

Early bird price for whole weekend kr1600 , payable by end April. From 1st May, kr1800 for the whole weekend. 

Friday and Saturday ( 3 classes) : kr 1100

Friday and Sunday (3 classes) : kr 900

Price per class:

Friday kr 360

Saturday morning kr450

Saturday afternoon kr450

Sunday morning kr 360

Sunday afternoon kr 270

Priority will be given to those attending the whole weekend or those attending Friday and either Saturday/Sunday.
Please note there are a limited number of seats available on this workshop. 

How to book:
email and request your space. After confirmation that space is available, payment to 15037965240 will guarantee your seat. 

If you would like information on how to get to Grimstad and accommodation information, please get in touch and we will provide you with some information.

Book now as his classes are not to be missed !

A little more about what to expect.

Friday evening:


Plant yourself firmly down into your mat. Establish secure, firm and resolute roots. Feel your connection with the earth. Stability comes from patience, perseverance, and practice. Stability starts in grounding poses, however with practice we can bring stability into even the most challenging poses. This workshop shall create the framework for the weekend of practice.

Saturday morning:


Electrify your yoga practice. Bring power, strength & vitality to your mat. Power to lift, strength to float, vitality to sustain your asana practice. Gravity can be overcome. Practice can create lightness in the body. 

Saturday afternoon:


Close your eyes. Still the distractions. Feel your body move from the inside. Enjoy a quiet practice.

Sunday morning:


Create space. Expand your range of movement and develop a supple, open body. Flexibility is multifaceted, it comes from stretching the muscles, but also releasing fascia around joints, balancing the nervous system and creating healthy thought patterns. Lets explore stretching from more than one angle, and see if we can deepen our yogic experience together.

Sunday afternoon:


Ease into an ocean of quietude. Allow your being to be carried on the waves of your breath. Explore pranayama, the science of yogic breathing. 

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